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Sustainability made easy!

At By Nature, we offer comprehensive sustainability services to businesses, helping them navigate the complex world of sustainability with a focus on double materiality assessments. Our team understands the importance of identifying sustainability issues that are most relevant to your business and stakeholders. By combining both impact and financial materiality, our approach helps you better integrate sustainability goals into your overall business strategy.

Our unique inside-out and outside-in approach encompasses all aspects of the Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD). We work closely with your organization to assess both internal and external factors that can impact your sustainability performance. With our expertise and guidance, you will be able to understand the environmental, social, and economic aspects that are key to your business success. By addressing these issues, you can not only improve your sustainability profile but also align your business goals with the values and expectations of your stakeholders. Trust By Nature to deliver tailored sustainability solutions that drive positive change for your business and the world around us.

Manage your metrics live

At By Nature, we understand the importance of sustainability in today's business world. That's why

we offer a comprehensive ESG platform that provides live, accurate data to help businesses track their metrics and make informed decisions. The ESG by Nature real-time dashboards and scorecards make risk management easy, allowing you to easily monitor your ESG score and take real action towards a more sustainable future.

Don't leave your sustainability efforts to chance - choose the ESG By Nature platform for reliable data and effective risk management.

Global Compliance 


With our in-depth understanding of global compliance

and regulations, we ensure that your business

operates in full compliance with sustainability

standards worldwide.

Trust us to guide you through the complexities

and keep your business on the right track.


GK’s vision is to be at the forefront in the fight for a better climate and to become a climate leader. By Nature has provided essential ESG governance and reporting guidance that has become vital to GK in our development of the ESG strategy.

Kim R Liso, CEO GK