In Aker BioMarine we are committed to improving food production and human health through eco-friendly and efficient food and nutrition. We develop, market and sell the ingredients produced from sustainably harvested and traceable Antarctic krill to the animal and fish feed, food, dietary supplement and nutraceutical markets worldwide.

People matter

We believe in placing our people at the heart of everything we do. We make products and find solutions that are unique, we do things no one has done before, and we deliver products that meaningfully impact businesses and people. Our employees are determined and make bold decisions. They are proud and passionate about what they do and are strengthened by the diversity of our organization. When we seek inspiration from comparable companies and industries, we generally find it at Silicon Valley technology firms. They are driving transformation as we do, but most importantly, they take care of, engage and empower their people.

Planet matters

From day one, sustainability has been at the core of how Aker BioMarine conducts business. By listening to diverse stakeholders, we are able to identify the most important ecosystem challenges and focus on overcoming them. In the early days, a key challenge was eliminating harvesting by-catches, which we accomplished by developing our Eco-Harvesting® technology. This invention allows us to maintain the nutritional integrity of the krill and minimize environmental impact. This enables us to bring high quality products to market containing a high content of bioactive ingredients, e.g. phospholipids, omega-3s and astaxanthin, which have documented health benefits in both humans and animals.

Building on our established position, we have worked to promote transparency and traceability in the krillfishing industry. In 2015 we established a research foundation together with WWF and ASOC to ensure that enough research was conducted in the area where we fish. Working together with the right partners is important to us, both when it comes to the environmental NGOs and researchers in the Antarctic, but also when it comes to customers.

Profit matter

We work closely together with our customer to provide them with the right tools to embed sustainability into their business and experience the benefits. To us there is no disagreement between sustainability and profitability. The two go together, and if sustainability is integrated in the right way the two reinforce each other and result in a company that thrives without compromising social and environmental development.

With a market share of 60% and cost leadership in the category we have successfully and sustainably harvested and commercialized a new biomass, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities to innovate. We believe that, if managed responsibly, the Ocean can provide us with solutions to many of the challenges we are facing.

abm_product1Superba™ Krill

Superba™ Krill is a more natural and efficient form of omega-3 — providing health benefits for the human body, including boosting heart, brain, and joint health

Harvested from pristine Antarctic waters, free of pollutants and heavy metals

Total product traceability, back to where the raw materials were harvested

Sustainably harvested with virtually no by-catch.



abm_product2Qrill™ Pet

Qrill™ Pet is a valuable ingredient for pet nutrition with documented health benefits for domestic animals

Qrill™ Pet is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein

Animals find Qrill™ Pet products palatable.


abm_product3Qrill™ Aqua

Qrill™ Aqua is a valuable feed additive for shrimp, marine fish, and salmonids

Research shows that fish and shrimp fed with Qrill™ eat more and grow faster

Qrill™ acts as an efficiency driver in diets with a high content of vegetable proteins, providing equal performance at lower feed costs for fish farmers

Salmon fed on diets containing Qrill™ have better fillet quality, fat distribution, and yield.



Zero hunger Good health and well-being Responsible consumption and production Life below water