Meet the GreenTech disruptors

Meet the GreenTech disruptors

What on earth is Disruptive Sustainability – a mashup of industry buzzwords, or a complete oxymoron? The answer lies on Stand A1-29 at Nor-Shipping.

While disruption and sustainability can certainly appear to be self-contradictory, these unlikely bedmates have really got the maritime world buzzing. That’s why By Nature, a Norwegian start-up, has been invited to showcase a selection of smart logistics and green energy solutions at the new Nor-Shipping Disruptive Sustainability Hall. 

The four companies presenting with By Nature are clearly rooted in sustainability and their disruptive potential for the maritime industry is undeniable.  With shipping joining other industries to become conscious change agents and actively seek the opportunities arising from the Sustainable Development Goals, it’s time to visit the future – at Stand A1-29.

Visit the future

So what does disruptive sustainability look like? It can be green energy technology with the potential to create new shipping markets and marine fuels. Or it can be smart logistics solutions for revolutionising ports and logistics hubs. At the By Nature stand, we have two power couples that will inspire you to look afresh at energy and logistics.

If you’re into energy, come and sample our “G&T couple”. Greenstat is a green energy company focused on producing sustainable hydrogen from Norway’s surplus renewable energy. Likely to become Japan’s post-Fukushima energy source, Hydrogen is also a promising fuel for cars as well as for shipping. Alongside, you’ll find TideTec, a company harnessing ocean energy to bring tidal power into the mainstream. The UK tidal lagoon power market alone measures 25 000 MW.

Want to optimise your logistics operations? Then get a taste of our “M&M” couple. Meshcrafts is integral to the automotive industry disruption caused by electric vehicles. Its digital charging platform connects operator, user, vehicle and grid, enabling seamless EV charging infrastructure. MilieuPort delivers sustainable solutions for smarter port operations, such as shore-to-ship power, digitization and recycling.

Hydrogen Vikings

So come along to Stand A1-29 and discover a new shipping market, why you should prefer cold ironing, what a Hydrogen Viking is and why it’s disrupting Colonel Gaddafi’s legacy.

And for an extra taste of the future, try out the amazingly smooth and silent zero-emission hydrogen car. It might just disrupt your idea of motoring.

By Nature, is a non-profit company that promotes Norway’s green solutions, technologies and expertise to a global audience. Our profiling of Norwegian innovations on will be backed by dedicated visitor centres.

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