New Year, New Goals

New Year, New Goals

The SDGs are providing a framework for businesses, governments, and civil society worldwide to operate sustainably. Will 2017 be the year we also take them personally?

You know about the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, but what are individuals doing to engage with them? Our social media campaign is an easy way for people to share their personal and professional commitments to the SDGs.

People everywhere are increasingly aware of the dangers of climate change, pollution, inequality and poverty and the hardship they place on our societies and ecosystems. And they want to take action, both personally and professionally.

Although such momentous tasks can seem too big to take on, our work with sustainable businesses and innovators shows that it’s all about personal conviction and commitment. Whether it is a company executive or a conscious consumer, an engaged and passionate individual can move mountains.

As the New Year brings new resolutions, By Nature has created a social media campaign to spur personal and professional commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and promote them as meaningful actions that everyone can partake in.

In the spirit of Goal 17, Partnerships for the Goals, we join forces with Roll’n’Code, an app development company for this campaign.

Join the SDG campaign and share your goal here.