Taking action for a greener future

Showcasing Norwegian green tech to the world

Norway’s transition to a greener economy is moving too slowly. To accelerate the process, By Nature is launching a global portal and designing national visitors’ centres to showcase Norwegian technology, entrepreneurs and companies that help the world become greener and more sustainable.

(Press release 2016-10-20. Open as PDF.)

Norway is transitioning away from oil and gas dependency towards a green economy. However, the slow pace of transition is frustrating Norwegian green solution stakeholders. They want more speed, more creativity and more capital, to help scale the green solutions and promote them to a global market. And they see an urgent need for joint international marketing.

By Nature has made this its mission − to showcase Norway’s green solutions and expertise to the world.

“We need something similar to Denmark’s ‘State of Green’: an agile and lean organisation that promotes green players and connects them with customers, capital and global markets,” states Christine Floysand, CEO of By Nature.

Floysand is the founder of By Nature, a non-profit company that profiles green and sustainable solutions to the world using the Norwegian Powered by Nature brand. By Nature aims to be as successful as State of Green in helping green tech to find investors and markets.

“By Nature is already online with Norway’s first national green portal bynature.no. Of course this is far from enough, so we are working to establish the first green visitors centres. We want to lead the way in putting Norway firmly on the map in relation to green growth and competitive advantage,” says Floysand.

By Nature has invited Norwegian companies, cities and organizations to demonstrate their contributions to both making the world greener and meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Registering a profile on bynature.no. and becoming part of the Powered by Nature network is free. Anyone joining will also receive a complementary Sustainable Development Goals assessment. This way we ensure that Norway not only contributes to a greener world, but also shows leadership in achieving the Sustainable Developments Goals,” concludes Floysand.

To register a profile, visit http://www.bynature.no

Christine Floysand, CEO of By Nature
christine.floysand@bynature.no  phone +47 911 57 914


By Nature AS

By Nature is established as a non-profit corporation, where the articles of association state that any profit will be used to further strengthen and continuously develop the company product scope. By Nature is established to collect and present green Norwegian solutions to the world.

Powered by Nature is our concept for showcasing green Norwegian solutions to international markets. Our most important services for presenting and promoting Norway’s green credentials to a global audience will be the bynature.no platform and dedicated visitors’ centres. These will be backed by broader promotion of Norwegian green solutions and underpinned by the Powered by Nature brand. Foreign delegations and journalists will be offered their own tailored Powered by Nature tours full of first hand experiences of Norway’s green solutions.

We will be present in important international arenas and lean on global channels like The Climate Reality Project global network. This is both to ensure that we present Norway’s green solutions globally, but also that we stay attuned to market needs.

Visit Norway already uses the Powered by Nature brand for marketing Norway in the travel and tourism industry. The brand, with its associations to pristine, Norwegian nature, is well established internationally.

Norwegian companies are now being invited to promote their green solutions as part of a Powered by Nature portfolio on www.bynature.no